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Florstadt - A Community in the Wetterau


Herbert Unger



Hello, dear internet visitors,


As mayor of the local government of Florstadt I would like to welcome you to our Homepage.


As local government in a "flourishing area" - in the middle of the "golden Wetterau" we are located only 30 minutes by car from the first financial capital of Europe, the city of Frankfurt on the Main. We recommend ourselves as a good place to live and work with an excellent infra-structure.


There is a direct connection to the highway A 45 only a few kilometers from the A 5, and a good connection by bus and a junction to the railway stations to Frankfurt and the whole Rhine/Main area. Florstadt is just as attractive for our inhabitants as for our enterprises. Because the European Central Bank is established at Frankfurt, I think it?s very important to draw attention to our community.


You can see this by the numerous international consultations at our internet sites. In my opinion this simple presence shows us the first step to the future. With the growing number of internet-users it seems to me important from an administrative point of view to improve the internet-offer in order to communicate interactively in the future.


It is possible to receive the application for special administrative files, or instructions and criticism without any problems thanks to the function of "Brief an uns" (write to us) on the first page of our internet - offer.


I would be happy if you use this possibility as an internet-visitor.


In this light of these possibilities:


Welcome to Florstadt
Your mayor
Herbert Unger


(translated by Antje Behl, teacher of the Karl-Weigand-School)